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  • vancouver.modernhome

    Pallet Coffee Roaster, Howe Cafe


    Howe Cafe is one of six locations of Pallet Coffee Roaster in Vancouver. The interior design aims to preserve the business brand identity by using materials and elements that are always present throughout their locations: reclaimed wood, perforated metal, iron glass partitions, communal tables and of course pallets.

    The pallets are redesigned and reinterpreted; they are transformed into listels that expand and streamline the space, creating an elegant visual harmony…

  • victoria.modernhome

    Kitchen Connects With Rugged Coast

    For a couple from Vancouver, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor connection with ample space for their family of five was at the heart of building their 6000-square-foot dream house overlooking Haro Strait. Designing a layout that would include adequate functional elements to keep clutter at bay while capturing the home’s waterfront views from all directions was the work of Vancouver interior designer, Alice D’Andrea of Alice D’Andrea Design. Harbour City Kitchens was tasked with the design’s comprehensive millwork requirements that included storage systems and organizational elements to keep high traffic areas streamlined and efficient…

  • archello

    Pallet Coffee Roaster Headquarter.

    The new Pallet Coffee Roasters HQ is nestled inside one of the most historical buildings in Vancouver: the Settlement Building. Built in 1923, the original function of the building was as a steel foundry for manufacturing machinery parts.

    Through the years, the building has preserved many of the original architectural elements, like the Douglas Fir beams that run along the ceiling and the industrial windows framing the back of the building. Recently used as a warehouse for the local lighting company Bocci, Pallet took over the space to relocate their headquarters and roastery in late 2019…

  • baunetz-id

    Rösterei und Café von Alice D’Andrea in Vancouver.

    Tief ins Glas schauen lässt es sich in einem Café im Allgemeinen nicht. Doch im Hauptsitz von Pallet Coffee Roasters im kanadischen Vancouver erhalten Gäste – dank der Gestaltung von Alice D’Andrea – tiefe Einblicke in die Tassen und in die Produktionsstätten des Kaffees.

  • dezeen

    Alice D’Andrea creates industrial coffee roastery in Vancouver steel foundry.

    Coffee roasting and tasting takes place in this industrial-style coffee shop in Vancouver, which local studio Alice D’Andrea has designed inside a historic factory building.
    Located in Vancouver’s Railtown neighbourhood, the space was built in 1923 as the Settlement Building, a steel foundry for manufacturing machinery parts, and then later used as a warehouse for lighting company Bocci…

  • westernliving

    Design Crush: Vancouver’s Newest Pallet Coffee is the Roastest with the Mostest.

    Don’t worry, just because the header and subhead for this webpost both have coffee puns doesn’t mean the whole thing will be unpalletable. Vancouver designer Alice D’Andrea has been brewing Pallet Coffee locations since 2016, but Pallet Coffee HQ in Railtown is her biggest project yet. The vision for the space was part roastery, part retail. Unlike the other locations, which focus solely on retail, Pallet HQ has concrete walls….